Embossed Microfiber Pillow


  • T200 microfiber pillow
  • microfiber cover
  • hypoallergenic polyester fiber fill
  • 100% peachy polyester microfiber
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Enjoy the best sleep of your life with this embossed microfiber pillow!

Made from the highest-quality materials, the embossed microfiber pillow is the perfect addition to any room! Classically designed, it will complement any style or façade!

Furthermore, made of an incredible combination of microfiber and polyester, this pillow is of the highest quality and the utmost comfort.

Additionally, made from 100% peachy polyester microfiber, the cover is hypoallergenic! Perfect for anyone with any allergies or skin conditions!

Finally, This pillow is a must-have, and makes for an excellent housewarming gift! It's classy, functional, and affordable, it has it all!

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