Decorative Waves Top Cover Set


  • Sold Set Case 6/4/2 units
  • Different Sizing Options:
    • King 108″x 120″
    • Queen 90″ x 115″
  • 100% Polyester Crease Resistant
  • Lasting performance with cotton-like softness
  • Tested to last more than 100 laundering

The Decorative Waves Top Cover is an ideal option for giving any bed an impeccable look!

The pattern of the waves gives a relaxing sensation to all who lay upon it. This contemporary look complements any bed, especially with the standard pillow case accompaniments.

Additionally, the fabric composition is 100% polyester, and incredibly comfortable. It's also durable and washable, certain to last a long time and several uses. The material is crease resistant, so it doesn't need any ironing!

Furthermore, the Top sheets have 3" hems. They now come in different sizing options!

Enjoy this practical, comfortable, and beautiful addition to any bedroom! Bright, durable, and comfortable, you won't find them anywhere else!
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