Terry Cotton Slippers


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  • Terry Cotton
  • Closed-Toe and Open-Toe Options Available
  • One Size Fits All
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Pamper your guests with our terry cotton slippers. These hotel and spa slippers have high-quality vamp and special sole. The upper adopt terry cotton material enables their comfort, durability and while making them super water-absorbent. Also, the sole is light and anti-slip.

Since these slippers are one-sized, you won't have to worry to buy different sizes for your guests. Just choose between closed-toe and peep-toe and you're ready to go!

About Terry Cloth

Terrycloth, terry cloth, terry towelling, terry, or simply towelling is a fabric with loops that can absorb large amounts of water. It can be manufactured by weaving or knitting. Towelling is woven on special looms that have two beams of longitudinal warp through which the filler or weft is fired laterally. The first industrial production of terrycloth towels was by the English manufacturer Christy.

There are two types of terry fabrics:

  1. Towell Terry is a [woven] fabric with long loops that can absorb large amounts of water. Its content is usually 100% cotton, but may sometimes contain polyester.
  2. French Terry is a fabric, used in men's, women's and children's clothes. One of its sides is flat, while the other side is with cross loops. It is either 100% cotton or contains polyester with elastaine (lycra). It is often warp knitted, and the term French Terry is colloquially used for all warp knitted Terry.
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