Non Smoking Room


  • Price Per Unit
  • Smoke-Free Environments
  • Cream Background
  • Pre-Cut Holes for Mounting
  • Dimensions:
    • 9″ wide x 7″ high
  • 1lb
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This plastic sign is perfect for your needs. Hang the no smoking sign in the room of your choice to identify the area as a smoke-free space. Printed on super strong, flexible and high-impact polystyrene plastic with UV resistant inks will prevent the sign from fading so you can hang it in outdoor areas.

The sign features text and a no-smoking symbol in black on a cream background. It also includes pre-cut holes for mounting. Comply with USA smoking laws while keeping the elegance and class of your non-smoking areas.

It measures 9" wide x 7" high and weighs about 1lb.

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