Sustainable Condiments Box (Coffee)

  • Eco-friendly  construction
  • Comes white, blanck and brown color
  • Perfect for tea bags and other packets
  • Dimension 6x4x2″
  • Capacity: 4 sugar packets, 4 liquid coffee creamer (mini cup) and 2 removers.
  • easy to assemble

Sustainable Condiments box (Coffee) is the perfect solution to organize in little space all  you need to make your coffee.

Sustainable Condiments box  is beautiful and impeccably designed specifically to complement our teas and coffees. Save and organize the space of the tray where the coffee maker is for its guests. Made in cardboard, easy to assemble, great design. This box is elegant, practical and economical.

Keep creamers, sugar packets, and removers for coffee  in a single box. We offer this box in white, black and brown, with printed logo. Compact construction. Eco-friendly, a renewable resource, this organizer will help you with your "green" efforts while providing an attractive, reliable housing for your guests' favorites.

Keep organizer sugar packets, stirrers, drink garnishes, and condiment coffee easy to offer sugar packets, stirrers, drink garnishes, and condiment coffee packets.

Sustanible Product  are those productos that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment over their whole life cycle.

Add Sustainable Condiments box (Coffee) to the room's coffee station for an optimal organization with an aesthetic and contemporary look.








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